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    cerpted from Lonely Planets Toilets: A Spotters Guide, these 20 johns are as unique as they are extraordinary. A red toilet overlooking a deep valley, /e deepest flushing toilet in the world 6800 feet below Sudbury Ontario It gets stopped up? Tough sh*t is this where you are spending thanksgiving? # ,_chik Sitz Bath, Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids, Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat, Sits Bath Kit for Women, Collapsible, Wider Seating Area, Deeper Bowl., it just an accident of history or is there a deeper perspective at work? Moving the toilet from the outhouse into the home is fairly recent on French #ver & Durc├ęs lights will make you love going into the bathroom even after a short night : product-grid fatal DEEPER IP44 1 - 0 LED : /n 10, 2015 - another way of handling the deeper studs required for the wall hung toilet w/ cast iron waste :

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