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    Public First My Login Password


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    thenticate using SMS PAC / PB SecureSign / SecureSign Token Your password has been reset You may proceed to log in using your current User ID and new %ter entering your username and password, you automatically go online at every publicroam location This way, you dont have to re-enter your password again. - - you have forgotten your login password, you can go to the Forgot My Password link on the login page and either have your password hint e-mailed or change it !ease login on the day of receiving your User ID and password How to perform PBe first time login? ~ur login for Washington state LOGin. Username : Password - : *ve a minimum length of 8 characters › NOT include your first or last name › You will not be able to reuse your previous 4 passwords. › Use 3 of the following 4 -

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